PRIKKDATA provides a full range of Software Development services. We are specialized in developing custom business system, application development, database design, and web-enabling businesses.

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About us

From Idea to Solution

Our devotion to fulfill our clients needs with established processes and procedures provides our clients stability and possibility to rely in the agreed product and service delivery. At PRIKKDATA, over 80% of our work that we do for our clients is being performed on the revenue side of our clients. This means that it is essential that. PRIKKDATA teams have the same goals as our clients when executing joint projects. PRIKKDATA is a trusted IT service and outsourcing provider with delivery centre in Eastern Europe.Our teams adaptable sizes provide us with advantages that we can completely assimilate to work with your business in a method that is efficient and effective. We have developers, testers, consultants and project/service managers who can really understand your challenges and will focus on your project from inception to craft the perfect solution for you.

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Hybrid Delivery Model

PRIKKDATA has adopted a Hybrid Delivery Model with combined on-shore and near-shore representation. By adopting a Hybrid Delivery Model, we believe to have successfully met most of well-known service delivering challenges, such as language barrier, cultural differences and inability to meet “face-to-face”. The on-shore representatives can assist and advise our customers in their native language so that optimum understanding of the Customer’s business processes can be achieved. For Maintenance and Support, the on-shore representatives are the service delivery managers, who are responsible for the initial process setup between the Customer Organization and PRIKKDATA and for the continuous management of the agreed service levels.

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Finding the best methods

The main reason for failure in outsourced software projects is the lack of a clear and agreed engagement methodology. Based on its practical experience PRIKKDATA has developed an optimised working model that ensures the clear definition, understanding and meeting of the system requirements, quality of the work throughout the entire process and an efficient communication between all parties involved. The methodology is optimised for small to medium sized engagements and organisations, it is efficient for smaller teams and it avoids the overhead and cost of large and unwieldy all-purpose models. Engagements are managed by a dedicated onsite coordinator and an onshore, offshore lead manager, both with the management, process and technical experience required to ensure a smooth start, as well as an efficient ongoing operation. In the PRIKKDATA Maintenance and Support Organization we make use of both IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Application Services Library (ASL) methodologies.

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Professionalism & Respect

vojislav popovic general director

Vojislav Popović

General Managing Director

Vojislav Popovic is IT professional with over 10 years in the ICT industry supporting big industry names. Engaged in the IT project management and service management, committed to proven service and project management methodologies approach. Profoundly facilitate software development through agile management introducing analytical, functional and technical backing both to the developing teams and customers. Vojislav studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and received the master degree in Novi Sad. His motto: “Always invest in your team and knowledge”.

  • vojislav.popovic@prikkdata.com
  • +381 (0) 64 1436397
naftali neugebauer

Naftali Neugebauer

Business Development Germany

Naftali Neugebauer studied Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology and received a doctoral degree. Successful postings as managing director of several renowned companies (Vienna, Berlin), certified e-business manager (Austrian Computer Society), serial entrepreneur, book author, awards including Social Responsible Manager of the Year (2005) and nominee for the German Fairness Prize (2011), he is founder and Managing Director of PRIKK GmbH (Vienna). He lives according to the motto: “Who if not us, when if not now!”

  • naftali.neugebauer@prikkdata.com
  • +49 1514 6105910
michael neugebauer

Michael Neugebauer

Business Development Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein

Michael Neugebauer studied Political Science and International Relations in Vienna and finished with a doctoral degree. He embarked on an academic career at various universities and research institutions in Austria and abroad before entering the business world as entrepreneur and consultant in a number of different areas of international economic relations. Michael Neugebauer is the author of numerous articles and books. His motto: “Veni, vidi, PRIKK!”

  • michael.neugebauer@prikkdata.com
  • +43 660 7574350


Partnes & Clients

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